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Flint Creek Reflections by Jeff Chemelewski.jpg

Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership

Photo by Jeff Chemelewski

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The Watersheds

The Flint Creek and Spring Creek watersheds feed the aquifers that supply water for nearly all residents in our area. Yet, both watersheds are imperiled by pollution, runoff, and development. 

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About Us

We build  partnerships to improve water quality, maintain water supply, preserve ecosystems and restore wetlands, prairies, and other natural features for current and future generations.

Photo by Jeff Chemelewski

Photo by Jeff Chemelewski

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Discover watershed related documents, plans, and reports as well as resources for homeowners and businesses. 

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Take Action

Homeowners, businesses, and volunteers all have a role to play in the health of our watersheds. Even small actions can have a big impact. 

Photo by Al Buschauer

News & Events

The Flint Creek Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership and Citizens for Conservation will host a planting event at Flint Creek Savannah on Saturday, July 20.
Details here
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